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Monday, October 11, 2021



Back to writing  since last I started this blog back in 2010

Feeling mix of feeling while writing here in this page

6.5 years medical studies abroad
4 years working from HO to MO, HSAH to Taiping Hospital
currently, I'm working in my family own clinics in Bagan Serai and Parit Buntar

So many have change.. the ups and downs.. the happy moments and sad one

Today, I'm doing what I think is great for my mind and my life

Less stress is better for the mind right?

I do hope so

May Allah bless us all, ameen

Till next time, SNNA💋

Sumtimes im lazy, i get bored
i get scared, i feel ignored
i feel happy, i get silly
i choked on my own words
i make wishes, i have dreams
& i still want to believe
anything could happen in this world
for an ordinary girl
like me


Thursday, June 30, 2016

3 Must Have With BONIA HANDBAGS - Women & Handbags Separated Never - =)

Women and handbags could never be separated as it is always referring to the most important accessories to women for carrying everyday essentials items for instance money, lipstick, mobile and many other things we women consider a must have in our handbags. 
Variety choices of handbags sold worldwide, from the cheapest to the most expensive one. It depend on how one's view and taste in order to buy the best quality for oneself. 

Though I got opportunity to wrote something for one exclusive brand for handbag which is the BONIA, I am actually love the BONIA brand for handbags. Not only they happen to have awesome designs but most importantly, they produce quality products that we as customer wont feel regret after we bought their products. 

Here are some glimpse facts and 3 intriguing designs you need to check out about BONIA Handbags.

Bonia is a well-known brand which offers stylish leather handbags for their customers based on the latest fashion trends. Women who are a fan of exclusive yet trendy handbags will definitely fall in love with the Bonia handbags for women collection. The Bonia brand never fails to come up with new exciting designs for their customers to choose from depending on their style. If you are clueless on the stylish choices of handbags from Bonia which you need, check out the three must-have Bonia handbags for women.

1.    The Classic

Classic designs with plain colours are a must-have especially for the ladies who love to appear sophisticated in front of others. The Bonia plain classic designs of handbags are perfect for women to match with just about anything due to its versatile and timeless concept. Mix match it with anything you have on and flaunt it to various occasions with style.

2.    The Stripes

For the ladies who are looking for a fun energetic appeal, the Bonia stripe design bags will absolutely be the perfect choice. Print stripes are always trendy to show off as it brings down your mature side and still makes you appear stunning. However, make sure to match the stripe Bonia bags with plain clothing to enhance the beauty of the bag. Choose from the colourful stripe bags which fit your fashion taste and carry it everywhere you go.

3.    The Bold

If you want a quick mood booster, bright colours do play a huge role in it. So why not grab yourself a nice bold colour Bonia bag and feel that extra boost of confidence! Match it with your casual wears or formal outfits and be the center of attention every time you step out of the house. Look stunning and stylish with Bonia!

That is all for now.. If you ask me, I would love the stripe or the bold style cause not only they are having beautiful designs but they can boost higher my confidence level! Love them. So go to the store and check them out, alright! Who knows if you can even buy maybe 1 for your special one for her special day! hehe..

Have a wonderful days ahead everyone and Happy Ramadhan!

Sumtimes im lazy,i get bored i get scared, i feel ignored i feel happy, i get silly i choked on my own words i make wishes, i have dreams & i still want to believe anything could happen in this world for an ordinary girl like me