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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 1 - Introduce recent pictures u change for ur blog header.


yup today is the first day of MAY..

i hope everything is gonna be great through out this month..

anyway, today i wanna start my 30 days blog challenge


today's topic is 

'Introduce recent pictures u change for ur blog header'

this is really EXCITING!

indeed i just exchange my blog header from my own pictures to my sweet intriguing passion!


i'll describe them 1 by worry

Saranghaeyo, Yeongwonhi

yup..this is my new blog header edited by myself..

its not really cute as other famous bloggers but im proud to say that its mine & i LOVE the contents in it!


1st picture is image of huge red love describing that i wanna love ALLAH, my prophet, my religion, my family, my frenz & anyone around me..of coz i wanna be loved by them too!most important is i LOVE myself truely!!!

2nd picture is a stethoscope..its my passion to become a good doctor 1 day insyaAllah..not only for my religion but also for my people & country!
pray 4 me,kay

3rd image is about purple totally in lurve with purple colour..its my dream to have it 1 though i already have 2 sunglasses with another colour..

4rd is about PURPLE lappy..have i mention earlier that im really3 totally in lurve in PURPLE colour?hehe..yup its also my another dream coz rite now im having a silver lappy a special gift from my dad..cant resist it & of coz i love it so much!

5th picture is about ice cream!!!i really like vanilla flavoured ice cream most followed by strawberry & chocolate but since im living in egypt, they produce original flavor from the real fruit such as strawberry, mango & even i think i also love mango flavor rite now..hehe

6th picture is about kitten @ cat
im a cat person as i can say..hehe..already have more than 10 cats as my pet but currently i was left with only 1..bcoz my mom not really into it & they kind of naughty when im not at home..thats y they left me..huhu..u know what..actually when im a small kid, my mom said that me n my twin really scared of cat..whenever we saw them even from far, we will automatically cry!haha..but now we cant let ourselves out of them..i miz my pets so much!!!

7th is about CHOCOLATE!!!
another dessert that i adore!
TOTALLY coupling with them..hehe..i love any kind & flavoured of chocolates either white or dark long as it is called a CHOCOLATE!!!hehe

8th image is about CAKE!
another dessert i love!
i guess im a dessert & sweet eating gurl..
well, most fav of chesse cake..
i just cant stand to buy it everytime i saw a cake shop selling chesse cake..haha

next the 9th is about hand showing a paper written word of happines..
i wanna spread happiness to people around me..
thats why i sometime do make a joke (though it didnt work sumtime..)
anyhow, lets be happy,ka..
life must go on so lets live to da fullest!

10th is about friendship
i love making friends..i bet u too..
life is indeed dull without a friend so do appreciate them,kay
im grateful to have all my friends as mine & thanks so much 4 having me as urs too!!!

11th is a smile picture!
i love smile but somehow i also seldom to smile..well not towards my friends,k
its juz when we didnt know the stranger how can u smile to them rite?
it looks weird
but sumtime when u smile to a stranger indeed its a good way to make new friendship
as old folks says
strangers are friends we are about to meet..
so do SMILE always,k

12th picture is showing how i truely lurve blogging!
I LOVE BLOGGING so much that i cant stop sending my new handmade entry so that my bloggermates can enjoy reading them.hehe..thanks my dears..

13th is about lurve shape of cloud in the blue calm sky
fyi, between a cloud or a star or a moon or a sun
i prefer a cloud in the sky
why cloud?
coz i always thinking that it looks really calm & whenever it change its shape i can freely imagine whatever i i love freedom n calmness that i can gain from cloud!

the last picture-14th-is bout having sweet n happy family
i miss my family so much..
well, u must be too if u are really2 far away from them rite?
i love my dad, my mom, my twin & my 2 younger brothers damn so much!!!
huge huggggsss

i guess thats all for day 1 of these 30 days challenge..

till the 'day 2'..okay

keep reading & enjoy my entry..

arigato ne..

Sumtimes im lazy, i get bored
i get scared, i feel ignored
i feel happy, i get silly
i choked on my own words
i make wishes, i have dreams
& i still want to believe
anything could happen in this world
for an ordinary girl
like me


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