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Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 5 - Your siblings

okay my dears..

today its weekend in Mansoura, Egypt

so many activites held in the university stadium but i prefer sitting here in front of my lappy & blogwalking & enlisting my new entry..hehe..

well not that im not interested with that activies but just im so much more in love with this activity..haha

k,lets straight to the point

today is day 5 of the blog challenges i took..

the topic is your siblings..
my feelings kind of mix when story telling bout this..

happiness is always around me but im also sad whenever i remember bout my siblings

not that we r fighting n never meet forever but its bcoz its a fate & the reality i must face for the rest of my life..

let me introduce my siblings..


this is my twin

18 minutes late than me to be alive in this huge wide world

we were born on 5th feb 1990

she is totally in love with pink

love cats as much as i do

some say her face is more mature than me & even assume that she is the 1st twin!



im the 1st,k..

well, we always having the same ideas in speaking, actions, thinking or any events..

we always in it together & i guess thats why we r so close

however like other siblings 

we do have a fight sometime

it may be worse as we were both dont want to lose but in the end we'll be just fine..again..

coz we are TWIN..

i can never imagine my life without her coz she is my another half..


i do LOVE her so much..

u cant imagine & im sure u cant count how huge my love is..


this is my 1st younger bro

acap i called him

he was born on 7th October 1991


he's only a year younger than us..

totally cool bro who always play his tricks to me & angah

but i do know..

what eva he did he just hoping that we are happy & i guess thats how he show his love towars us-his sisters-

u know guys are really ego in showing their love..

anyway, he currently working as a bussinessman & im sure he is totally happy with his life coz he is the one that choose that pathway

back in high school he really excellent in hockey & football..
i wish to see him play again though its hard coz we all having a different life now..

we together really love to eat..haha..& playing badminton together so sometime we'll have our meals outside juz the 3 of us..totally awsome!
u bet..

i do LOVE him too


its my youngest bro picture-faez-

he was born on 22nd of May 1994 & we lost him on 31st of March 2006


like i said earlier..this is the part that made me sad..

but i do had accept this fate

well, all human beings will be gone too 1 day rite..

each & everyone of us have our due date

its juz we that never know it when

well, though its a sad situation but im happy to have u faez as my coolest bro

he was indeed the best & the sporting members in my family

i just could never forget him

he loved nasi lemak & holick ice so much

& red colour has been his fav since he was small..

we love to play together & i know that he love his sisters & brother so much as we are..

it will always be

i miss u my dear

May u'll be good 'there'



thats all i can say here

whateva happen between us siblings

either we r fighting, pulling our hair or even throwing any kind of things to each other or whateva

juz bare in mind that i'll always, always & always love u 3 so so much!

nothing can stop me from that okay

juz to be cleared

i guess those fighting & happy moments we shared together indeed had made our relationship stronger..

we became close

i did realized that..


im happy to know that

i love u angah, acap n faez

p/s-im sure all of u readers also having the same thinking just like me & i know that u love ur siblings too, be cool when u r with them..never neglect them..before its really too late..

thanks for being my sweetest & coolest siblings!!!!

Sumtimes im lazy, i get bored
i get scared, i feel ignored
i feel happy, i get silly
i choked on my own words
i make wishes, i have dreams
& i still want to believe
anything could happen in this world
for an ordinary girl
like me


10 doakan sy jd bakal doc. yg baik:

madam siti [noli] said...

along, bile pikir balik, ct sgt rapat ngan semua sibling along. dulu main kat rumah korangkan. main bola ngan acap ngn apit. rindu faiz jugak. tak sempat jumpe dia b4 dia pergi dulu. sbb kat sekolah. rindu zaman kanak2 dulu! alfatihah.

: husna : said...

at first rasa seronok baca sebab teringat dekat adik2 husna, lagi satu seronok la ada twin... jelous.... :_)

al- fatihah for ur adik. may Allah bless him there..

tomatokering :) said...

wahhhhh ` ade kembaq !! :D

nabila azmi said...

i love this entry..muaxxxx=)

lavenderlover said...

siti-taw x per..windu zaman dulu..lm x jumpa kan..
husna-thanks atas doamu..jeles?hehe..
angah-thanks my dear!

ouh iena said...

laaaa , ade kembar kerr . HAHA
abang iena pun kembar taw *wink wink :D

miwwa J said...

happy family :) hehe

lavenderlover said...

iena-yup..ada twin..>_<..abang ina kembr?hehe..great!
miwwa-thanks dear!

Nur Fajar said...

walaupun entry ni dh lama,tapi still nak komen.
ada kmbar??saya pun ada,kembar tak seiras.^^

lavenderlover said...

nur fajar-yup i am twin.. u too? thats cool!