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Thursday, February 27, 2014


2nd week of paediatric rounds just passed

it's so though that stress just can't be away from me T_T

through some advices from my good listener friends & twin sis, i feel better

need to be positive no matter what

need to take the challenging parts & face it courageously


anyway, i can't wait for weekend to appear as i really wanna update bout my last wonderful memorable Turkey Trip.. hehe

this is part 1 only

enjoy the pictures =)

wait for more part alright ^_^


so my friends - mai, huda, hajar, yana, ainun & izzah -  & me & angah with another new friends I met & juniors went to Cairo International Airport via 2 tremco (it's like a van) from Mansoura.. there were another group from another states in Egypt-some from Alexandria, Tanta & Cairo itself -
we travelled after Asar prayer & waited till the next morning as our flight was on 28th.. travelling early as soon as possible is much more safer as we may ended trapped in traffic jam or another riot that possible to occur in this unstable country..especially if we travelled at night.. who knows right.. but Alhamdulillah nothing happen & all is well =) we were going for 8 days 7 nights (so i guessed its gonna be 8 parts of this stories)

P/S- (history points here were taken from some sources not really written by me.)

us before departure to Cairo International Airport in the tremco, the empty airport at midnight & above the picture of us in the airplane to Turkey =)


At 4 a.m. we flew to Turkey by Turkish Airline from Terminal 3 of Cairo International Airport & arrived around 6.20 a.m. at the Terminal 1 of Atartuk International Airport in Istanbul. We were welcomed and assisted by our agency represenative who also our new friend - Aqilah & by our English speaking Turkish tour guide - Erdal Pollat. So after Subuh prayer at the airport & changing & withdrawal money to Turkish Lira we went for breakfast at a restaurant around the Istanbul by bus. It's around 7 to 8 degree if I'm not mistaken.. really cold but I like it so much.. hehe

on arrival at the Atartuk International Airport, Istanbul, Turkey..welcomed by Erdal & Aqilah & on the bus to visit around Istanbul =)

in front of the restaurant for breakfast & view around Istanbul =)

shops around Istanbul =)
wandering by ourselves around the Istanbul =)
me around Istanbul =)

So firstly we went to visit the Hagia Sophia also known as Ayasofya which was built facing the Blue Mosque. This ancient Basilica, built by the the Constantine the Great in the 4th century and reconstructed by the Justinian in the 6th century is one of the architectural marvels of all time. It is also had the distinction of remaining the largest cathedral in the world until 1520.  The magnificent part in the architecture was its impressive central dome, which had a diameter of 31.24 meters and a height of 55.6 meters. It was miraculously made weightless due to the continuous chain of 40 arched windows under it serving to flood the entire interior with sunlight.

It was converted into a mosque during the Ottoman rule and due credit should be given to the Ottoman Turks, who continued the tradition of the Byzantine architecture. They converted the age old church of Hagia Sophia to a mosque and in the process, removed the various decorations like the bells, alter and sacrificial vessels, typical of Christian churches. The rich and impressive mosaics depicting various Christian imaged that were seen throughout the church were completely plastered over and instead the Islamic masters adorned the Hagia Sophia with attractive geometrical designs and also made extensive use of expensive colored stones, carved wood craft, gold and mother of Pearl. Purely Islamic attributes such as the mihrab, minbar and 4 minarets outside were added at various stages of Ottoman rule. 
The transition from a Christian patriarchal church to an Islamic mosque was impressive. The Hagia Sophia underwent several alterations and additions and remained an Islamic mosque till 1935, after which it was transformed into a museum by the secular Republic of Turkey.

ticket entrance of Hagia Sophia & the entrance of Hagia Sophia.. we were given head set for easier listening to the explanation  of the history =)

view outside & inside of Hagia Sophia

view inside of Hagia Sophia- the enormous size of the dome  

us inside the Hagia Sophia =)

me & my twin sis =)

inside the Hagia Sophia =)

in front of Hagia Sophia =)

enjoying myself in & out of Hagia Sophia =)

Then we visited ancient Hippodrome where chariot races and gladiator sports used to took place. It was the center of Byzantine political life and used for public meeting, standing in the open space in front of the Blue Mosque, the area is now called as Sultanahmet. According to the excavations carried out, the hippodrome was 117 m/ 384 ft wide and 480 m / 1575 ft long with a capacity of 100,000 spectators. The hippodrome was destroyed and plundered in 1204 by the Crusaders. After the Turks it lost its popularity and especially with the construction of the Blue Mosque, the ancient hippodrome changed its name and became Horse Square a place where Ottomans trained their horses. Of the monuments which once decorated it, only 3 remain, the Obelisk of Theodosius/ the Egyptian Obelisk-which the Roman governor of Alexandria sent to Theodosius I in 390 AD, the Serpentine Column- which was erected in front of Apollo Temple in Delpi, was brought by Constantine I in 4C AD and the Column of Constantine from the 4C OR 5C AD.

us around the Hippodrome area

free style around the beautiful view of Hippodrome area =)

Turkish bread- Simmit only 1 Turkish Lira, A double decker bus touring the Istanbul and myself in front of 1 of the 3 monuments.. =)


Trying bake corn in the winter season totally awesome! with my best friend ever- yana-

We had lunch in Tamara Restaurant. Turkish delight for sure unique, some to my like & some were not.. 

happy lunch time!!! ^_^

my twin sis-angah, our bestie- huda & myself =)

Then we walked to the famous Blue Mosque also known as Sultan Ahmed Mosque.. I was so in awe with the beautiful environment of Istanbul & breathtaking view of the mosque. 

the Blue Mosque =)

walking toward the Mosque =)

Famous for its blue tiles which decorated splendidly its walls and unique with its 6 minarets built in the name of Sultan Ahmet, it is one of the best examples of classical Turkish art, built between 1609 and 1616 by the Architect Mehmet Aga. It is one of the 2 mosques in Turkey with 6 minarets. The most important element of the Mosque interior is the mihrab, which is made of finely carved and sculptured marble, with a stalactite niche and a double inscriptive panel above it. Adjacent wall are sheathed in ceramic tiles but due to many windows around it make it look less spectacular. At Blue Mosque lower levels and at every pier, the interior of the Mosque is lined with more than 20,000 handmade ceramic tiles in more than 50 different tulip designs. While the upper levels of the Mosque interior is dominated by blue paint. More than 200 stained glass windows with intricate designs admit natural light. 

interior designs of Sultan Ahmed Mosque =)

We roamed around inside the beautiful Mosque with impressive dome and ancient stained glass windows, took lots of photos as memories that we've been there.. We even got a chance to performed Zohor & Asar prayers there.. what an experienced.. hehe

prayer site for women in the Mosque, the ablution site used in old time inside the Mosque ( not sure if it still can be used now) & view inside the Mosque with many tourists from all around the world =)
in front of the Blue Mosque ^_^

my friends & I inside the Blue Mosque =)

twins inside & in front of the Blue Mosque! =) hehe

 Then we departed to Eskihisar and embarked on a ferryboat to Yalova, Orhangazi and Germlik enjoying the countryside followed by a drive around 2.5 hours to Bursa by bus, enjoying the idyllic scenery. Upon arrival to Bursa we transferred directly to the Gold Majesty hotel & had dinner together at the hotel.

salam.. till next.. part 2 in the process ^_^

Sumtimes im lazy,i get bored i get scared, i feel ignored i feel happy, i get silly i choked on my own words i make wishes, i have dreams i still want to believe anything could happen in this world for an ordinary girl like me


Friday, February 14, 2014

9 days after..

Blue Mosque, Istanbul 

Exactly 9 days after the marvelous Turkey trips

so missing those wonderful vacation

will update bout it later

my new semester 10 just started

done with the induction

tomorrow the real classes will start

hello O&G & Paeds.

do welcome me & my friends.. 


Sumtimes im lazy,i get bored i get scared, i feel ignored i feel happy, i get silly i choked on my own words i make wishes, i have dreams i still want to believe anything could happen in this world for an ordinary girl like me