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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Our 1st Chocolate Cake & Cup Cake



comel betul budak kecik ni makan kek coklat.. sedap sgt ke yunk? hehe

today, just nak kongsi kisah me & my twin sis berbaking for the 1st time 

its chocolate cakes & cup cakes..

at first, we did not have any booster to do it

but 1 day our best friend ecah saying she really wanna eat choc. cake made by us..hehe

well, we end up trying in baking yesterday & alhamdulillah it was pretty good

& i am so happy to hear from her, gee & dibah that our cake is good

i am relief & happy u 3 love it!

we made extra for our landlord, our housemates tercyg & of coz our yan2..hehe..

i am REALLY HAPPY when my friends are HAPPY

sarangaheyo yeongwonhi you all kerana ALLAH..

check these pic out..


for yan2, mama wa baba

for ecah, gee & diba

for yuki no hana

so once again-ecah,gee,dibah, yuki no hanas (my housemates), yan2 & mama wa baba

shukran for take it as




Sumtimes im lazy,
i get bored i get scared, 
i feel ignored i feel happy, 
i get silly i choked on my own words i make wishes, 
i have dreams 
i still want to believe anything could happen in this world for an ordinary girl like me


3 doakan sy jd bakal doc. yg baik:

Asmara said...

fuh.. mmg nmpk sedap sgt! tahniah! hehe..

Hanis MY said...

weee looks yummylicious... esp tang toping tu, well done!

hAniEy IzhAr said...

yukino hana say good~!