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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

owh my heart please be strong! hwaiting!!


sometimes when something happen i really just wanna be alone..thinking how life can affect me so much..

i wish i can be with my best friends at the same time..i wish i can talk & make them listen to my problems although its only small matters..

but i don't get those chance..cause i am far away & they are too busy..

 depression always made me even more sad when there is no one that understand myself & no one i can talk freely to..

here i am in LEARNING process..i did TRY my very best in doing anything..

i just wish that people can see my work, realizing that its really not that easy for me to change & maybe some day i can be as EXCELLENT as u r..

& i do hope i can just be myself without any worries..sometimes when people silence it doesn't mean they  have nothing to say it just that they wanna be more tolerate and good listener or maybe they simply don't know how to start talking to..

people change..i wish i can be better..

maybe we already think we are good but here come a person that may think u r not & start to make u feel negative..

well, it maybe true u need to change for better at some point but maybe the only thing u need to do is stay strong & just coolly accept whatever they talk or see bout u..

i need to think POSITIVE & feel POSITIVE..

p/s-wish anyone that read my post here will get me in the mood back..wish u can give me some booster/advices so that i am not in stress & sad anymore..i am not gonna give up trying..its really hard to please everyone but i guess the least i could do is to make people surround me & myself happier..

thanks for reading..


Sumtimes im lazy,
i get bored i get scared, 
i feel ignored i feel happy, 
i get silly i choked on my own words i make wishes, 
i have dreams 
i still want to believe anything could happen in this world for an ordinary girl like me


7 doakan sy jd bakal doc. yg baik:

Hanis MY said...

thats the flavor of life... insyaAllah eviting will be okay, focus and be happy!

hidayah azman said...

semua orang akan ada masalah masing2.cuma waktu yang akan buat kita sedar yang sebenarnya masalah tu akan hilang sikit2.

sama2lah kita berdoa Allah akan permudahkan segala urusan kita dunia dan akhirat.ameen

nabila azmi said...

dearest happy . u can be whatever u want to be...ignore all the bad things people sqaid to u..u have me too..dont forget here for u...n btw..i think u r good..cause u know what..u r being u..n not others..believe in yourself..u can do it..n i believe u can be better insyaallah..take it as a challenge..yeah..its tough..bila kita diuji oleh sesuatu tu..tu maknanya Allah syg kita...kalu x..lame jela hidop dak...n dont forget to put up your lovely smile aleways...fighting!! worries la..n lets keep praying okeyh!!! u always now n forever..muahhhhhhh

Nurul Afiqah said...

nadia,, what ever happened, just keep holding on & move forward. U can be better. I hope, I can help u by listening to ur prob as previous. But still, remember that I'll always beside u. Insyallah, one day we'll meet up. Jangan sedih2 k. Ucap, la tahzan innallahama'ana. Cheer up dear. ^^

Asmara said...

hi my dear Nadia, please be happy ok. masih ada ramai lg yg ambil berat tntang Nadia. anggap la semua tu dugaan dan cabaran dalam kehidupan. InsyaAllah pasti akan ada sinar di penghujungnya nanti. Amin.. Good luck sayang! Love from Japan.. :D

lavenderlover said...

thanks akak2, kawan & my dear twin sis for nasihat..i'll bare that in my mind..i'll live confidently onwards insyaAllah..=)

Anonymous said...

cheer up doc ^.^

BTW, suka bag x?


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