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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yuki No Hana Secret Home Party!!! part 2 (end)

salam..sori sgt2 sbb lambat update..yup bz mcm2..taw2 jer la idup sbg student univ. ni kan..
ari ni nk update last part of our PARTY!!!

on 1/4/11=Friday
we woke up at 3.30-3.45 a.m.
yup preparing everything as fast as we can..
me handling popia menu
my sis handling cutting2 fruits,veges,agar2
dayah & yana handling main menu-LAKSA..
yana handling bread pudding too
pikah & fa handling roti John..

then we arranged tables & carpets & decorate a lil bit more b4 welcoming our guests..

at 9 a.m we started our party 
about 150 guests were invited..quite a lot though our home space not really big..
with 1 enough2 eat of kitchen
4 sweet bedrooms..
1 lively living room
& 2 clean toilets...

alhamdulillah everything went well
we started with reading Yassin & open da house with prays leaded by yana..
thanks yana as head house..

then PARTY start!!!

enjoy ur food & drink my dears..
by da way we have badam juice as our beverage but not all of our guests love cr air mineral lak last2 kan..huhu
quite sad though but thank god its juz minor probs compared to the tantalizing food we made..

shukran awi2 for those compliments yerk..
i appreciate so much & thanks so much for coming..
lurve u all la..

check these photos out,kay..


us with kak mayah

tuan umah & kak cikin & housemates

our jiran & fren

gang sabah..bah3

pharmacy senpais & juniors

hooray dpt mkn free...ngeh3

Yuki no hanans with kak qilah yg sgt cumey!(she's a mommy to be)

some of my regular prog frenz..

with fina

dayah & raden

opie..ha,tulun2 la pe yg patot..hehe


hajar & her housemates..tq dtg!

hawa,hajar,fatimah n sabe..

mira thira's gang & us..

me,ummu n angah

sweety lurve u all la..

shukran awi2 sbb dtg yer..

us with iqa=)

me & angah with ayu's housemates

huda's housemates with us!!!

kakak sc tercyg!!!kak dayah n kak lani..mmmuuaaxxx

sila makan!!!

the hottesssttt..haha

some of manchesterian students..thanks u all..

cun la korg 3 ni..grrr..haha=p

thats all sedikit sebanyak bout 1st eva me n my housemates held a party..
thanks once again for those yg came..

lurve u all!!!

tq reading this entry..

Sumtimes im lazy, i get bored
i get scared, i feel ignored
i feel happy, i get silly
i choked on my own words
i make wishes, i have dreams
& i still want to believe
anything could happen in this world
for an ordinary girl
like me


5 doakan sy jd bakal doc. yg baik:

Raja Ellysya said...

terima kasih sbb jemput!!sedappp,knyang gila mkn :D

lavenderlover said...

hehe..thanks lisya sehousemates sbb sudi dtg..=)

: husna : said... sungguh nampak!~ xmau jemput husna sekali ke? hehehe

lavenderlover said...

hehe..dah lepas la husna..thats y blh tulis entry ni,..ngeh3..insyaAllah next time..=)

✿ milly molly ✿ said...

"anything could happen in this world"

yeah! anything..
best la dpt blaja jauh2 *jeles* hee