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Saturday, March 12, 2011

life unexpected part 2

ok..its part 2..
x leh lm lg ke along ko nk sambg part2 ni..ngeh3
sori la yer..
internet mmg wat hal..huhu

so whats da unexpected sgt ni?
juz wanna tell sumthing bout how me & angah got holiday emergency..
ha,kan dah unexpected ni..
on 18-20 feb
we followed our parents AMWAY trip to Langkawi..okay
even though its not really overseas but its indeed over da seas..hehe
from Taiping & having 3 pit stop in Parit Buntar, Bagan Serai & Pulau Pinang b4 continue our journey to Jetty Kuala Perlis..ferry came at 12.30 & straight to Langkawi Island we r..

me in da ferry to Langkawi Island
Langkawi here i come..hehe
got my big apple sushi style for lunch!yummy!
my accomodation-so sweet..

1st day-free & easy mom went to shop with her frenz & me accompanied angah to her beloved school back when she's in high school-mjsc langkawi-quite excellent she happily met her sisters 
around 6.30p.m. we went back to Sinaran Motel-having dinner & get ready for bowling tounament tonite!
really la not so good in bowling..i do love playing bowling but not in front of my parents group..eventually me being partner with my dad & we even got 4th pace..haha
surprised!im totally hepi..yeay!

4th place-not bad ha..

2nd day-totally disaster when 1st time angah & me woke up late..fortunately we managed to got on bus quickly..u really can't imagine how we struggle with the time..=(
then,around 8.30 a.m. we went for breakfast..
1st place to visit-geopark langkawi..1st time being here im so glad we were da 1st tourist to arrived here..RM25 needed to enter this exotic mangroves park..we got to touched & saw lots of new species of fish in da fish farm..even me got a chance to feed rays..

da boats we r going to ride on to da fish farm..

da waves & a surprise 'lap' the driver made 4 us..'giler senget boat ms tu..nasib bek x jatuh jer..ngeh3'

yup-this is da fish farm-

me & angah-lovely view isn't it?hehe-

da mangroves & this is da place where the eagle being feed..

next we visit the place where quite unique species of eagles being feed..on the way, we also view from a distant the 'shoe island' known as it is due to da shape of da island exactly like a shoe..nice!
later, we visit a historical place in Langkawi-Mahsuri Tomb & Mahsuri's well..
my parents then bought gamat at gamat store-its quite a big one & of coz bought batik  along da way..

Kampung Kedah where makam Mahsuri is located..

replika of Mahsuri house where she was born..

yup..this is the Mahsuri Well..

im touching gamat yg sdg mendidih supposed to be so hot but when we touched our hands will not be burned..da only oil this special in this world rite..

later-premier gallery which was huge place to collect & kept presents & gifts worldwide to our former prime minister-Tun Dr Mahathir & his wife..

tiket tuk masuk ke dalam galeri perdana..murah jer..

so creative..

me & Tun Dr Mahathir..cewahh..haha


After pray & lunch, we visited a palce called beras terbakar where previously there were lots of rice being burned & left on the land..last but not least we ride on da cabel car to Mat Cincang happy once again got a chance to ride on it..hehe

welcome 2 to da place known-burned rice-hehe=p

i like this place da most!


wonderful view..

towards da bridge..

a place must be visited by tourists..

ha,tinggi kan..nasib bek x gayat..hehe

in da cabel car..'jgn tgk bwh..hehe'

we had our dinner & slept a great nite that nite..we so exhausted but totally enjoyed da day!

p/s-i bought key chain for myself & my dear frenz..cant wait to give to them personally my housemates in egypt..hehe =p

3rd day = last day-yeah its da last day..sad but i wanna enjoy this short hols as i can..
its free & easy = shopping around da pekan kuah..
i bought lots of chocs..yummy!!!

perniagaan haji ismail mmg sgt terkenal di Langkawi which places that sell variety of souveniers..

oh, fav!

see..manyak chocolate sy beli maa..
im chocoholic..hehe

at noon we travelled back & got a seafood grilled at da Kuala Perlis Jetty..da view there were so magneficient! hehe

arrived home safely at midnite..
thanks mom & dad for da holidays..
gonna miz it when im back to egypt..

till life unexpected part 3


Sumtimes im lazy, i get bored
i get scared, i feel ignored
i feel happy, i get silly
i choked on my own words
i make wishes, i have dreams
& i still want to believe
anything could happen in this world
for an ordinary girl
like me


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