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Sunday, March 6, 2011

life unexpected part 1

yup..its been a long time that i lost contact with my blog world
i do miz u so so much,okay..
& february juz left me with lots of challenging & new interesting moments but not a single seconds im into my blog..
well,its due to my hectic life & problems with my internet..
so sorry..

yesterday its been a month from da moments of evacuation that me & my frenz had experienced to da moments we had stayed safely in Malaysia..
i would like to thanks 2 all who had helped us a lot during that period..
shukran awi..kumawo..arigato..terima kasih..sheshe..nandre..thank you

this time i eagerly wanna express more or less about my experience through these time..
let me warned u once again..
its gonna be long..
thats y im holding on it by part..ehehe
so, check it out,k..
thanks 4 reading!

1st of all..i juz wanna list out what had happened to us students in Egypt

it started a week after my semester 3 examinations were done..
due to da riot & attacks especially in Cairo & Alexandria
we,Malaysians really had a huge & new experienced that never can be duplicate

we had our stocks of foods & water enough that we dont have to go out to shop for weeks
sms & calling through hp were limited 
& internet,fb & twitter were cut
alhamdulillah we survived
& to da point when we were bein evacuated safely back home..

4/2/2011-at nite-some of Mansourians who lived in front of stadium university included me & frenz headed by bus to Alexandria..we spent about 3 days here..left us waiting for our flight to Jeddah..the riot is worsen day by day yet we still safe in da mara building..
me & my frenz had our chance to stroll along the seaside,taking pictures & we had to bought our own foods..indeed Alex is beautiful..although our situation juz like refugees & our staying like a flood victims in Malaysia but im glad we made it safely..especially when da moments soldiers did da check through our entered to Alex..with 11 checkpoints making our journey to be longer than it supposed to be..

In Alexandria..seaside

what a superb experienced for me to depart to Jeddah by TUDM CHARLIE..hehe
im totally excited to hv it as our transportation although we had to squeezed 200 students like crazy inside it..
its so huge that the back door needs a quite a sumtime to be closed..& our soldiers..they r nice although some of them quite strict..they gave us lots of food supply & i indeed it also heavier, it took 3 & a half hours to reached Jeddah,Saudi Arabia..supposedly only an hour..we were so tired that day but glad that we were out of Egypt at that moments..
thanks god..

soldiers lift & put luggages into the airplane
TUDM CHARLIE..shukran awi2..

see i told u how crowded it is rite..but its a great experienced we have..really worthy!

in Jeddah, we stayed for about 5 days
plenty of foods,water & things important for daily life been given most of da time
& 3 times a day meals will be given to each rooms..
indeed we had maybe gained weight as nothing can be done during that moments..only watched movies,shopping inside those tabung haji area & sleep..haha
da problems only occured as the building were lacking of switches & internet lines..
my rooms were occupied by senpai of 3rd & 5th year conventional programs of medicine..we became closed & happy to lived for 5 days there together..gonna miz u all..kak zuzu,kak fatin,kak aimi,kak zura n kak aida..& my dear Yukinohanas & Safwah..=)

students shopping in Jeddah-building of tabung haji-

waiting for our turn & dreaming of flying with Saudi Airlines which it turn to be true..hehe
our room in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

nice view in Jeddah
my roomates in Jeddah..from left standing-safwah,kak aimi, kak zuzu, kak aida, angah,fajwa,kak zura & in front sitting from left-pikah, yana & me- 

us in front of building of accomodation of tabung haji

in Saudi Arabia's Airport..

alhamdulillah after 5 days we stayed, our turn came..our number were 6000 near to 7000 & thats why we were among da lasts students being evacuated out of Jeddah..although at that moments da president of Egypt already resigned but the mission to get Malaysian students back home still running..

after about 7 hours on flight, we arrived safely at home & were welcomed by lots of people-cameramans & reporters were everywhere & umno woman & people of anak negeri gave us foods & welcoming us warmly..thanks to all..
im so happy & relieved..indeed these experienced really valuable & cant be exchange for anythg..

ok..till life unexpected part 2..wait for what i wanna share with my blogger frenz,k..
c ya..

Sumtimes im lazy, i get bored
i get scared, i feel ignored
i feel happy, i get silly
i choked on my own words
i make wishes, i have dreams
& i still want to believe
anything could happen in this world
for an ordinary girl
like me


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nabila azmi said...

hoho...nice one la...keep it up=)=)

lavenderlover said...

oh yeah?

madam siti said...

bes gila dapat rasa experience mcm tu. kat utp ni xde nye nk rasa ade riot. naik flight tudm la ape la BESTTTT