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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Terima Kasih Sahabat!

this morning when im searching for my notes of case 7 from my new cupboard
i juz remember how happy this life when we have true frenz to share with..
indeed the journey of life is an amazing especially if we have lots of sweet & kind frenz who always there through da highs & lows..
i juz wanna share here a story  about 2 of my kind-hearted frenz..
as i moved into a new house this new sem, me & angah realized that we need a cupboard to put our books & notes so that our room gonna be more tidy & neat..
so we plan to buy it but we never been to da place yet..its in syarek muhammad fathi..
im glad when i called her, she immediately agreed to accompanied me & angah..without hesitation..
im touched!
anyway, we went there by taxi & after discussing with ammu Ismail what kind & how the cupboard should be we came back home..
So, after Eid Adha,  on 27/11 we went there again as he asked us already to take our cupboard on that day..
However, the journey to this syarek really can make a person lost his/her temper..
I tell u,
of all the taxi that pass through us only very few that say yes to da place..
its really though to get a taxi & if there, its gonna be a lil bit expensive than it used to be..
i dont knw why it is like this..
so on that day, no taxi wanna take us to this syarek..
that day really made me stress so much..
we wait for more than 1 hour juz tryg to get a taxi..what surprise me is that even i said 5 genih or more they still dont wanna they even laughing at us!!
weird rite?
anyway,we gave up & juz left home juz b4 maghrib..
the next day, i asked another frenz to join me getting this new item & she said yes too..
this time,alhamdulillah we get a taxi quite fast..juz few minutes after we tried
however when we arrived there, ammu Ismail said our cupboard still does not completed yet..
what can we do..wanna angry?they are arabic man..huhu
so we left home after told ammu no matter what we wanna it by tomorrow after asar..
On the 3rd day, we went again to da place & we even ride a halawa= lorry to the place that 'shelek'
our cupboard..
again we were dissaponted once again when the ammu who hv to 'shelek' our cupboard said its not dried enough yet..
its tomorrow that this cupboard gonna be completely done..
we were so happy at 1st but eventually hv to get back home with another dissapointment..
so on 30/11=4th day, we once again hv a problem of gettg a taxi..
we never gv up & alhamdulillah a taxi agreed to send us there..
& alhamdulillah we did got our new cupboard finally!
simple & beautiful is da only thing i can described bout my new cupboard..

but of all what has happened,
it juz kept in my mind that to hv good & true frenz is not easy..
u may hv lots of frenz..a good frenz maybe
but really, a real true frenz is not as easy to hv as u can imagine..
im glad i hv experienced lots of painful,sadness & happiness moments with different kind of frenz through my kindergarden,primary,secondary,matrx & university life
it taught me how a person is nothing without a frenz coz in this world frenz really apart of our life..
im glad i hv many good frenz too who always there by my side..alhamdulillah
 most importantly do appreciate frenz coz we never knw when they'll be away & the next thing u knw a farewell is going to happen..

so to my sahabat in these story-huda & ain..
shukran awi2..
terima kasih
thank u so much
4 being there wheneva i need both of  u..

may our friendship last 4-eva-

this is the rak buku..simple as i love it!

our new item in a new home..

angah,huda & ain..

nek lori=halawa

me,huda & ain..
thanks gurls..

Sumtimes im lazy, i get bored
i get scared, i feel ignored
i feel happy, i get silly
i choked on my own words
i make wishes, i have dreams
& i still want to believe
anything could happen in this world
for an ordinary girl
like me


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albanaT said...

haha...xtau plak nek lori..lama dh aku tringi tu..=P

lavenderlover said...

yup2 nek lorry..best2
aku pon 1st time nek lori..
next time kite nek la yan2..

sweet love said...

=)no words can describe