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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pasta & Tree of Heaven...

have i eva told u all that im a movies lover?
ok2,i'll stress to u all once again,ok..
me,along = nadia is really a movies lover!!!
im crazy bout watching movies,drama & any kind of show..basically juz can't let go any cinema & tv at my sweet home..
pity my bro & sis who can't control da tv room in our home..
im da QUEEN of that room!!!

recently, im completely done watching another 2 great korean drama..
ingt study medic x leh tgk drama?
leh jer tp pandai2 bajet ms la..
these 2 drama bukn leh abh tgk in a day,ok..
its took me near a month if im not mistaken la..
but now dah abh tgk n x nk tgk pape lg bukn stop terus but sbb nk final exam dah
yg tu lg pentg kan..

juz nk citer serba sedikit kat sini bout da drama that i watched..
fyi, i also crazy bout korean & japanese drama & movies..
dah la hensem2 & cantik2 kan tp if its me yg watch any movies, i dont mind their physical look..yg bestnyer jln citer la..
memg gempak2..menitis jer air mata ni klu yg sedey tu kan..hehe
so 1st drama is PASTA..
ha, dah la along memg suka sgt mkn pasta & spagetti so lg la teruja nk tgk citer ni kan..
memg best la..
its bout love between 2 chefs-1 head chef & 1 chef under him-
& its bout how hard life as a chef & to be 1 is not easy as we always think..
its been a while that i eagerly wanna watch this drama but finally dpt pon tgk walaupun sambil blaja kan..
citer ni memg best sbb head chef ni garang & tegas giler klu dlm dapo tp bek sbnrnyer kat chef2 bwh dier..+ romantic & caring to his gf..hehe
yg pasti end happily =)

2 tgh drpd 4 org ni la 2 chef yg bercintan2 tu

The 4 main characters..=)

suke watak korg!!!

 Chef Choi Hyun-wook played by Lee Sun Gyun & Chef Seo Yoo-Kyung played by Kong Hyo-jin  

Chef Oh Sae-young played by Lee Ha-nui & Manager Kim San played by Alex 
Chef Oh ni cinta pertama hero masa depa blaja kat Itally & manager Kim lak dr awal citer jatuh cinta kat heroin tp syg dedua pon x dpt bersm dgn watak2 yg mereka nk sbb nm pon bukn hero & heroin kan..haha

Then 2nd drama yg memg best jln citernyer that i watched is TREE OF HEAVEN..
this drama really made my tears falling down jer rite from begin of da story till da end of it..
klu korg memg suke tgk citer sedey & nk tgk citer yg leh wat korg menitiskan air mata, im suggestg do watch this drama..
sedey sgt..
tp memg best la sedey2 pon..
this drama is bout abg & adik perempuan tiri yg suka sesm mereka but bnyk giler halangan..
plus their parents died without they knew it at first then mak cik & cousin yg jahat kan..
hubungan mereka actually made them cant be in love but after their parents died, its suppose they can la kan sbb depa x da pertalian darah pon tp sbb abg dier ni dah terlibat dgn gang2 gangster kan semuanyer jd terhalang la..
baik sbnrnyer abg dier sbb nk pi surrender kat police tp x berjy..
end of coz as i sad is a sad ending but i guess im satisfied with that..
great sad korea drama that i've watched after winter sonata, autumn in my heart any many more..
citer bertmbh cabaran bl pelakonnyer park shin hye (heroin) is still under age-16 years at that moments so no kissing action between them..juz kiss on da cheeks..
sweet kan..

sweet love between big bro & younger sis

sad story yg memg best jln citernyer..

lee wan & park shin hye..
like ur acting!

saranghaeyo~i love u

ok la mina (everyone in Japan)
thats all some synopsis bout 2 korean drama that i watched recently..
if u all watch it after this, do enjoy,k..
have a great day!!!

p/s-nk sambg study..

Sumtimes im lazy, i get bored
i get scared, i feel ignored
i feel happy, i get silly
i choked on my own words
i make wishes, i have dreams
& i still want to believe
anything could happen in this world
for an ordinary girl
like me


2 doakan sy jd bakal doc. yg baik:

dakpipimerah said...

sis: gile korea ye..hihiihi..

balik mlysia bile??huu

lavenderlover said...

yup mimi..
akak memg sgt chentakan drama n movies korea & japan..best2
minat x?
insyaAllah thun dpn dear..
doakan akak nk final dah ni..