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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tag From Farieyna..

yup..another tag with the same segment actually

this time is from Farieyna..

thanks my dear..

About the tag :)

1-You must post this rule
2-Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their blog
3-Answer the question the tagger set for you in their post and create 11 new questions for the people you tagged to answer
4-You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post
5-Go to their page and tell them you have tagged him/her
6-No tag back!
7-No stuff in the tagging section about 'You Are Tagged If You Are Reading This' You Legitimately (a.k.a. Really, Trust With All Honest) have tag 11 people

11 Things Bout Me :)

1-Nadia Azmi is my name
2-Im 21 this year
3-Having 4 siblings & im the  eldest
4-I am twin..the 1st one..
5-Love cats so much!
6-Love to make friends but quite slow in approaching new people.. 
7-Can be a good listener..=)

8-Talks a lot with people who close with if u don't know me u'll say i am a silent girl..
9-Love to cook..>_<
10-I am sensitive and do have a bad temper sometime..
11-Love purple, korean & japanese stuffs so much!

11 creations from Farieyna :)

1-suka korea?
ooo much!!!
2-kalau suka, movie or drama pa yang korang suka?
a lots..basically genre romantic, thriller, detective & humor..
3-cer citer pasal movie or drama tu?mnatau sy blm tgk blh gak donlod..=p
currently im watching a lots of variety show but the most i love now is running man..=)oo im so crazy bout it..
4-Penyanyi korea lak sapa korang minat?
siyes la kan..mmg bnyk..but among them are snsd, k.will, suju & secret..
5-Nape minat artis tu?
sbb suara depa mmg sedap!!! & their dance so cool!!!
6-Apa ayat korea yg korg taw?
saranghaeyo, yeongwonhi..mido..= love forever, trust..=)
7-Mesti korg teringin nk ke korea kan? nk bw sp?
of coz!!! friends yg love korean stuff too & my twin sis!
8-suka music?taw ke main alat2 music? if taw apa la benda tu ye?
suka sgt2..but x reti main alat music la..huhu..may be one day i would love to learn to play piano & guitar..=)
9-Nak tgk gambar korg masa kecik?
tadaa!!! hehe..kompius x which on is me?

10-Are you single?married?divorcee?
11-Rasanya 10 tahun akan dtg apa akan jd dgn kamu?
insyaAllah doctor yg berguna tuk agama, bangsa & negara kita=)

11 questions from me =p

1-what do u think of me?
2-how bout my blog..ok or ko?
3-like korea/japan/english/malay songs?
4-love cat?
5-is my blog too crowded & heavy?
6-if u got lots of money, where do u wanna travel 1st to?
7-what color do u like?
8-in a period of time how many times u review my blog?
9-have u had any twins friends before?
10-tired & bored answering my questions?
11-do u hate being tag by me?

11 sweet people that i wanna tag..=)

3-sunah sakura
6-kak asmara


thats all..

Sumtimes im lazy, i get bored
i get scared, i feel ignored

i feel happy, i get silly

i choked on my own words

i make wishes, i have dreams
& i still want to believe
anything could happen in this world
for an ordinary girl
like me


7 doakan sy jd bakal doc. yg baik:

Ashraf Jalil said...

:) thanks

Farieyna Bahri said...

thanx, sbb join...suke sukee...:p

Asmara said...

hi Nad, thank you dear. hihi.. InsyaAllah nnti berkesempatan akk buat ye. byk pulak hutang tag ni. :D
*tertunggu address u kat sana. jgn lupa ye! ;D

Syafiqah Sabki said...

thankyou tag pika =)

Sunah Sakura said...

erk...kalo jawab kat komen ni je aci tak? ahaha~ :p thanks tag!

Asmara said...

Salam Nadia. akk dah buat tag. :)

lavenderlover said...

ashraf jalil-sm2..=) klu rajin buat la ye..
farieyna bahri-sm2..hehe
kak asmara-thanks sbb sudi join..=)saranghae..
pikah-sm2..klu rajin buat la yer..hehe
sunah sakura-x sudi ke wat kat new entry?huhu..x paksa la..klu rajin sudi2 la buat yer=)