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Saturday, October 16, 2010

we complement each others!!!

im hepi today coz my dear housemate & frenz has arrived last night..
fa has reached safely in Mansoura around 11 p.m. Im glad she made it!hehe
well,she is the last member of our 'family' here in Egypt..Our sweet home is called Yukinohana means Snow & Flowers..Its me who chose those name coz i really loves snow & flowers=)
Btw, when she arrived my dear housemates all has been asleep..even myself almost fall into a deep sleep when abruptly she called me!
I said;thank God she managed to call & arrived before me also fallen into a deep sleep..u egypt is winter season now & my housemates & I often slept early & get awake early..not like other frenz who often sleep late..
We choose that way coz indeed we cant resist the sweetness of if we change to Malaysia's time its mid night ok..R we still jet lag???
Anyway, Angah & me went down to meet Fa & helped her carriyg her luggage & box..Not so many like our's but still need a help..Its juz made me bare in mind the day i arrived around 3 weeks n angah hv 1 big box,2 big luggages, 2 hand luggages & 2 lappy bags..Wow!what a huge comparison i guess..maybe bcoz we r doubled..hehe
but there's no frenz to help us carried those luggages & the ammu driver really cheatg on us.saying wanna help then pretend dont knw where & what place we r sayg..huhu
alhamdulillah at that moments there's few of our male frenz & our mushrif also help us..hehe
even they r helpg us carryg those heavy bags till our new home..
Im hepi!tenkiu3  guys^_^
Its mid nite when we arrived but what most important is we r SAFELY arrived Egypt..The Barakah Earth!

p/s-I miz home already but to achieve what I wanna be,I hv to think +ve & hv faith in what eva I do..rite?
InsyaAllah,I'll be a great Muslimah Doc..5 years to go..

Fa & Me..

1 4 All & All 4 1

Love u all!!!

Sumtimes im lazy, i get bored
i get scared, i feel ignored
i feel happy, i get silly
i choked on my own words
i make wishes, i have dreams
& i still want to believe
anything could happen in this world
for an ordinary girl
like me


4 doakan sy jd bakal doc. yg baik:

Elixindora said...

weyh,..korang tak ceta pun kat aku,..Ustaz aku kte mesir mundur,..betul ke?

lavenderlover said...

citer pasal pe liza?
pasal mesir mundur?
em..memg la mesir mn maju mcm uk tu..even malaysia pon maju malas la nk citer mende buruk coz ni kan bumi anbia bumi penuh keberkatan
plus tempat km ngaji doc.
so of coz la nk x nk kena suka & terima seadanya..
nk gak rs hepi dpt blaja kat sini..
klu citer yg x bek pon nanti aku sendr yg malu..maklumla aku n angah sendr yg ngaji kat sini kan..
p/s-we r adaptg with this new far ok la..
no worries k..
miz u dear!

hAniEy IzhAr said...

yehooo!!! so sweet ur blog!!

lavenderlover said...

thanks fa=)
i'll read or BUBBLE OF LIFE too=p
keep following me..hehe